Good Spirit Reiki

Hand-made Reiki Infused Bracelets

Custom created - made with the wearer in mind
Large in-stock selection also available
Infused with Reiki prior to coming to you
1 for 35, 2 for 65, 3 for 90, 4 or more 27.50 each

***Special Offering: ALL bracelets are currently $20.00 incl. GST (2022-11-05 to 2022-12-31***

Delivered with your choice of a gift box, grey twill bag, unbleached cotton bag, black velveteen bag, colourful organza bag, or hand stitched & lined bag made from Sari material (add 2.00 and 1 week for it to be made)
(Ask about shipping - available within North America)

In Stock 

Need a gift? Looking to purchase something you can get a little quicker than having one made? Ask about what we have in-stock. We will find the best style and colour just for you. Inquire today.

From 20. 

Made for You

Answer a few questions about yourself (or the recipient), and we will carefully create a bracelet especially for you! It will be ready within a week of payment. Contact for a quote.

See prices above.

In Stock

No two bracelets are created the same (unless specifically ordered that way)
Each is carefully crafted with its future wearer in mind - knowing it will find its way to the right person at the right time

See below for some of our In Stock bracelets. If you're interested in certain colours or meanings, email today using the "In Stock" button, and let us know what you're looking for. 


Good for all chakras, Labradorite is said to awaken those who choose to carry or wear it; it is also known for strength and unity.


Exploration and Optimism

The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation and change. She invites you to explore emotions, and to take things more lightly. She flits about with Clear Quartz bringing optimism, Amethyst for change and understanding, and Prehnite for communicating with our higher selves.


Harmony and Happiness

Amazonite, for the heart and throat chakras, good for truth, communication, and living in harmony, helping set healthy boundaries. Sardonyx is for the root chakra. Aids in improving mental and physical fatigue, brings a general sense of happiness, and can uplift one's view of the future.


Light and Tranquil

Reminding you to enjoy life, the Hummingbird brings light to you, while the Silk Stone promotes inner tranquillity and enhances patience.


Grounding and Purification

Super7, for the Crown chakra, for grounding and creating a field of balance around the wearer. Tourmaline, for the Root chakra, for purification and protection. Can also help release one from chronic worry and anxiety.


Abundance and Evolution

This bracelet is made up of Pyrite, said to be a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and African Turquoise, known as a stone of evolution. Together, they inspire structure and balance, and powerful healing.