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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Reiki?

First, what Reiki is NOT. It is not a replacement for medical advice, treatments, procedures, nor medications.

Reiki, in the simplest of terms, is energy. The word REIKI comes from the Japanese REI (Universal Life) and KI (Energy). KI is similar to QI (Chinese philosophy & medicine - life force), and PRANA (Sanskrit - breath, life-giving force). Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Your practitioner is a conduit for life force energy to flow into you.

The practice of Reiki is to promote spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

Less stress = better health.

Should I tell my medical professional?

If you are under any form of care - including, but not limited to, a medical doctor, psychologist/psychiatrist , chiropractor - I kindly request that you inform them that you are thinking about / seeking time with a Reiki practitioner. If they have any questions, I invite them to contact me.

Here is a great article on talking with your health care provider about complimentary therapies (link below is to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health):

4 Tips: Start Talking With Your Health Care Providers About Complementary Health Approaches | NCCIH (

How do I prepare for my session?

I can't say if there are any TRUE preparations. What I can say is that I believe the most pure session will happen when you avoid any body/mind altering substances before - yes, this includes caffeine! The exception here is any medication that you're on - please continue to take that.

I suggest avoiding caffeine for at least a few hours prior to your session, and please avoid the use of any alcohol or drugs for at least 48 hours prior to the session. I want you to have the best experience possible.

One suggestion is to wear something comfortable; you will be in a chair or on a Reiki table for 40-60 minutes.

Is Reiki the same as a massage?

I like to say that it's like a massage for your soul. Reiki is done with very little to no contact between practitioner and client. If there is any touch (this is discussed pre-session), it is light touch with no physical manipulation.

During most sessions, the practitioner will keep their hands hovering a few inches above several points on the body rather than making physical contact.

The other difference? You remain fully clothed - so remember to wear something comfortable. The practitioner will have blankets if you experience chills.

What should I expect from my session?

Each session ranges from 40-60 minutes, with time for discussion before and after. Sessions are different for each person; what you're going through now, or what you have gone through in your past, will shape what your session looks like.

Some feel nothing. Some may slip into a deep, meditative state, and some actually fall asleep (snoring is okay on my table!). Different people have different emotional responses as well, ranging from laughter to tears. If you feel nothing right away, you may experience vivid dreams in the days or weeks following, or notice subtle changes in how you're feeling overall.

Can Reiki heal me?

"HEAL" as a verb, is defined as causing a wound, a person, or an injury to become sound or healthy again.

There have been people who point to Reiki (and / or other complimentary therapies / modalities) as what brought them back from what ailed them. The way I like to think of it is that when we are plagued by dis-ease, we feel stress (sometimes dis-ease is the result of stress). Reiki can aide in the reduction of stress, clearing the way for allopathic medicines to do what they do best.

I truly believe in a mix of allopathic / modern and traditional therapies for optimum health.

Is there any follow-up after my session?

You can opt in or out of a follow-up email following your session. The email includes details of what I, as your practitioner, experience (some of which will be talked about post-session).

You are always welcome to contact me should questions come up post-session.