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Hand-made Reiki Infused Bracelets

Custom created - made with the wearer in mind
Large in-stock selection also available
Infused with Reiki prior to coming to you
1 for 35, 2 for 65, 3 for 90, 4 or more 27.5 each
***Special Offering***
***ALL bracelets are currently $25~ incl. GST from 2023-01-01 to 2023-12-31***
Delivered with your choice of a gift box, grey twill bag, unbleached cotton bag, black velveteen bag, colourful organza bag, or hand stitched & lined bag made from Sari material (add $2 and 1 week for it to be made)

(Ask about shipping - available within North America)

In Stock 

Need a gift? Looking to purchase something you can get a little quicker than having one made? Ask about what we have in-stock. We will find the best style and colour just for you.

Inquire today.

Made for You

Answer a few questions about yourself (or the recipient), and we will carefully create a bracelet especially for you! It will be ready within a week of payment.

Contact for a quote.

GOOD SPIRIT wellness

Crystals and Gems

Comfort stones, collections, and more

Carry these stones around when you need a little extra something in your day. Information card included.

*limited quantities available ~ 5% GST is included 

crystal collection


Smoky Quartz ~ can dissipate negativity

Citrine Point ~ can reduce the influence of outside energies

Tiger's Eye ~ can promote practical living & optimism

Jade ~ can attract new opportunities & bring good luck

Protection stones


Labradorite ~ can help filter out negative energies

Amethyst Point ~ can hone your intuition

Selenite ~ can purify and absorb negative energies

Snowflake Obsidian ~ can dissolve anger & criticism and helps to reach communication with your inner self

crystal collection

New Beginnings

Clear Quartz ~ universal stone with various benefits

Citrine Point ~ can attract abundance

Amazonite ~ can help you feel confidence in the road ahead

Tiger's Eye ~ great for grounding & practical living

Crystal collection


Angelite ~ can raise awareness

Rose Quartz ~ can open you up to love yourself

Amethyst Point ~ can hone intuition & reduce stress

Green Aventurine ~ empowerment, courage, strength and confidence

Crystal collection


Carnelian ~ can strengthen concentration and understanding

Amethyst Point ~ can be calming & ease the body

Selenite ~ can absorb negative energies around it

Lapis Lazuli ~ can bring total awareness 

Crystal Collection

The Full Moon

Clear Quartz ~ universal stone, can channel energies

Amethyst Point ~ can calm and ease the body

Selenite ~ can absorb negative energies around it

Rainbow Moonstone ~ can connect to the energy of the moon and drive away nightmares


Nuummite Comfort Stones

Nuummite ~ known for its protective and memory capabilities and is thought to have the power to connect one to past life regressions; can promote deep sleep and a reduction in stress & tension

$10 (per stone)
Crystal collection


Carnelian ~ can amplify attraction to another

Rose Quartz ~ can replace negativity with harmony

Garnet ~ can strengthen commitment

Green Aventurine ~ empowerment, courage, strength & confidence

Crystal collection


Clear Quartz ~ universal stone, can channel energies

Amethyst Point ~ can calm and ease the body

Selenite ~ can absorb negative energies around it

Black Onyx ~ allows self-discipline and allows one to clear the mind

Chakra stones

Chakra Comfort Stones

Contains various comfort stones, believed to connect to each of the seven major chakras - keep them all with you, or keep one in your pocket when you need a little boost for each chakra

$25 (set of 7 stones)