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Client Reviews

We are always happy to hear from our clients! If you have a concern about how something went, please talk with us; If you're happy, please tell your friends!
"Not only do I enjoy the relaxation Andrea instils in me during my Reiki sessions I also love the bracelets she has created with love. I have 2 now, one purely inspired by her thoughts of me which included turtles (it was a total surprise) the other was done in honour of a police officer who gave his life in service to his community and which I will treasure for other reasons."


"I have been recommending Andrea to many of my patients for Reiki sessions for some time now. I trust her process and gifted experience and have had amazing feedback from the people she has helped. Bodywork quite often makes people feel vulnerable, and Andrea has a true healer's intuition to know how to navigate each person's journey according to their needs and comfort level. She is the only Reiki practitioner I completely trust sending to any of my patients and know they are in the best care for that modality."

~Dr Vikki McGuire R Ac. DTCM Traditional Chinese Medicine

"Andrea is very in tune and intuitive; I always feel like I get exactly what I need and what my body needs! I work shift work in a stressful environment...thankful I can start my rotation in a good healthy mind/ body/ spirit space."


"It was psychedelic without the psychedelics."


"I can't say enough good things about Good Spirit Reiki. Her energy and knowledge made for an incredible experience. The added touch of personalized crystals and oracle card reading brought the session to the next level! Highly recommend to anyone interested in a Reiki session."


Andrea's bracelets are not only beautiful but the gemstones are carefully chosen by attribute to support us energetically, emotionally and spiritually. She has created custom bracelets for friends and family of mine who have lost loved ones as many stones are useful to support us in our grief. I love the bracelets that she has created for me and wear them daily for energetic support but also because they are beautiful! And fortunately for me, they seem to be unbreakable.


Two of my most beloved healing tools have come together in perfect harmony: Reiki and crystals.
These bracelets are so powerful, I literally have people stopping me and asking, ‘What they those!?’ I reply with ‘Well they are those bracelets, you know the ones with healing stones’, and I always get a similar reply, ‘Oh no - those are different! There is a vibe about them, and I want one!’

It’s incredible, how do people just know that these bracelets are made with intent and Reiki energy!? My family and friends have now fallen in love with Andrea's work. So grateful for these healings tools!!

~Diana Lynn Mayorga CIH, Reiki Master